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A non-refundable deposit of $25 or 25% of the total (whichever is greater) may be required to secure your appointment time. This deposit is fully applied to the final payment of your service.



We respect your time and request that you respect ours. We ask that you be present at your scheduled appointment time. Failure to be available more than 15 minutes past your appointment time may result in cancellation of the appointment and forfeiture of your deposit. We always consider extenuating circumstances such as emergencies. At the same time, there are many factors that can cause delays in our arrival to your location. We take every precaution against delays and will update you as soon as safely possible if we are going to be early or late to your appointment time.



If you are unable to keep your appointment, we require a 24-hour notice prior to your scheduled appointment time. This policy applies to same day appointments.


Failure to provide 24 hours advance notice of a rescheduling request could result in a forfeiture of your original deposit. An additional deposit would be required in order to secure a new appointment time. Reschedule requests of 1 hour or less are considered and approved on a case-by-case basis. 




As a mobile detailer, we work outside and cannot guarantee that the weather will cooperate with us. As such, all appointments are weather permitting. In the event of inclement weather during your scheduled appointment, you will be notified as soon as possible and rescheduled to our next available appointment at no cost in necessary.



Every vehicle receives two inspections. Prior to service, we assess the general state of the vehicle and identify areas that require special attention and/or areas that will not be addressed based on the selected detail package. After the detail is complete, you will have the opportunity to inspect the vehicle and sign off on the job.



Please make sure all personal possessions and other items are removed from your vehicle before time of the service. Any items left in the vehicle will be bagged and a per-bag fee of $25 will be applied. Closed compartments such as the glove box, center console, and trunk will not be cleaned if personal items are left in those areas. Spare tire area will not be detailed unless specifically requested and the spare tire and tools have been removed. Photographs/video will be taken if we bag items left in the vehicle.


​Detail Valhalla is not liable for the loss or damage to any personal items left in or on your vehicle.



We may take photographs or video of your vehicle during inspection or service.



Most service calls are billed at the advertised base price; however, if the condition of the vehicle requires more effort, time, or other resources to complete to our standards, additional fees may be incurred. You will be notified and asked to approve of any condition-based charges during the initial inspection.



While we do our best, our standard services do not guarantee 100% removal of excessive pet hair, sand, nicotine, mildew, heavy stains, etc. As part of our pre-service inspection, we will make every effort to identify and point out areas that might not return to their original state.



Dirt, stains, and other debris can hide substantial damage on your vehicle's exterior and interior. Any preexisting damage not discovered during the initial inspection will be noted during the detail and you will be made aware of said damage. You agree to not hold Detail Valhalla responsible for any preexisting damage.

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